Knoxville, TN, January 30, 2015 – The results are in.

“We are so proud to have validation by our family members on the services we provide,” stated Charles Schnell, Executive Director of the Knoxville city operations of Open Arms Care. “This feedback helps us define processes, devise strategies and continue to improve the delivery of services.”

Families replied to the question, “How is OAC Knoxville doing in providing quality health care, including physical and emotional assistance, to your family member when needed?,”  with a 97% affirmation.

“How is OAC Knoxville doing in helping your family member be as independent as health and safety will allow? 96%

“How is OAC Knoxville doing in providing quality medical care to your family member? 98%

“How is OAC Knoxville doing in providing an environment that is safe and secure, including both in your family members’ room and around the home and day program? 97%

“How is OAC Knoxville doing overall, how would you rate OAC Knoxville? 97%

Comments made on surveys included the following:

  • “At my son’s ISP every staff person spoke about him as if he was not just a client but as a friend. I now feel good in knowing that after I pass away that my son will be cared for in the best possible way. God bless you!”

  • “I could not ask for more satisfaction for my daughters needs and my peace of mind. I don’t have to worry at all about anything for her needs. My prayers were answered when she was accepted up there. Thanks again for your love and care that she has.”

  • “Open Arms is and was by far the best decision we ever made for our daughters long term care. Thanks for everything.”

  • “As a paid corporate conservator to many clients at OAC I appreciate the professionalism and commitment that your staff demonstrate on a daily basis. OAC functions at the highest level of care that I have seen in this field!”

  • “My biggest fear has always been what living conditions we could supply for my daughter as we age and she ages. When she received placement at OAC it was the hardest decision of my life to allow someone else to oversee her day to day care. She has now been there for two years and I know that she is well cared for and loved by all who care for her. I truly commend everyone at OAC for the unselfish job that they do for the residents of their houses. Thank you all for everything you do.”

  • “My daughter is happy and well cared for. We are thankful for a local organization that takes wonderful care of our daughter in our community. What a blessing!”

  • “Thank you for your kindness and care. OAC is meeting more than physical needs. There is no inspection or measuring instrument that can accurately evaluate and track the amount of Heart that is invested daily by OAC staff and administration. There is no substitute for genuine respect and love. Your organization has gone above and beyond serving the people in your care. Thanks to you, my loved one is happy and healthy and she values her place in the world. You people are more than appreciated, you are loved!”

About Open Arms Care Corporation

Open Arms Care Corporation is a non-profit agency providing services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the state of Tennessee. Consisting of 32 group homes spread across the Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, and Nashville areas, more than 800 employees support a 24/7 continuum of care for clients. For further information regarding Open Arms Care Corporation, visit the Company’s website at 615-254-4006.