Providing More Than A Home Away From Home
Our Story of Compassion

  • “My daughter is a resident at Open Arms Care and she gets the best care and attention I could ever ask for. She is so happy there, which makes me content – and I know she is being well taken care of. Thank you Open Arms.” – Lynn, mother

  • “This is a place for her to belong and have a second family that understands and knows her…” – Carolyn, mother of Katie

[www.stockpholio.com]-2064392547_4The house on the winding land overlooking the Tennessee countryside looks like most others in the neighborhood. A basketball goal in the driveway and attractive landscaping indicate a family presence.



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Hear from family members in a video by Kristi L. Nelson – Knoxville News Sentinel

  • “Thank you for your kindness and care. OAC is meeting more than physical needs. There is no inspection or measuring instrument they can accurately evaluate and track the amount of Heart that is invested daily by OAC staff and administration. There is no substitute for genuine respect and love. Your organization has gone above and beyond serving the people in your care. Thanks to you, my niece is happy and healthy and values her place in the world. You people are more than appreciated, you are loved.”

  • “Open Arms is my daughter’s home in every sense of the word. Upon entering Page’s home, it is obvious that it is indeed a home – not a mini-institution.” – Linda, mother of Page

  • “He is able to receive above levels of care that we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. It’s really extraordinary the work that they do here.” – Carol, sister of Wesley


On the wall in the front great room, small, framed portraits tell the story of the family that lives there – eight individuals with varying degrees of intellectual and developmental disabilities. OAC works in partnership with our clients’ families to meet any significant medical needs as well as design programs and services that provide social and emotional support. OAC also seeks to fulfill the individual goals and interests of our clients.

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  • “In the time that Kim has been at Open Arms Care, I have seen her become comfortable with the clients and staff, participate in community activities, and increase her independent living skills. When I look at OAC, I see endless opportunities and possibilities for our loved ones.” – Michelle, mother of Kim

  • “God bless you and your family. We are so lucky to have you in our life. Each day you look in the mirror, be happy because you are beautiful.” – comments regarding nurse Trudi from mother of client

  • “Open Arms supports her love of the arts, taking her to see the movies, plays and concerts she’s able to communicate her appreciation of. She is locked in a bad body, and she’s very aware. … They see beyond the trach and the oxygen. They see the person.” – Linda, mother of Page

[www.stockpholio.com]-7981512273_4-1This home is one of 32 community homes, known as Intermediate Care Facility homes for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID), operated by OAC in Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, and Nashville along with a day program for our clients in each city.




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Our homes provide a safe, secure and stable family-like environment and:

  • Are located in a residential setting
  • Serve eight people
  • Are staffed with qualified intellectual disabilities professionals, registered nurses and licensed practical nurses
  • Provide 24-hour a day supervision
  • Provide health care services in a home setting

  • “For the past 14+ years, Open Arms Care has been a home away from home for my daughter. They practice their philosophy that residents have the right to be valued, respected, understood and accepted for who they are and help them to grow and pursue a meaningful life in a safe and stimulating environment.” – Carolyn, mother of Katie

  • “We are fortunate to have people like Open Arms Care staff. Thank you for being good to my son, Derrick. It brings me a level of comfort most people will never know.” – Wanda, mother of Derrick

  • “I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I appreciate nurse Trudi. I really feel like I have been kept in communication with my children more than ever since they have been in the home. I can’t even express how much more confident it makes me feel. Very professional and helpful.”

  • “Open Arms Care has been a blessing for Lucy and our family.” – Wilma, sister of Lucy

  • “The staff at Open Arms Care truly love my daughter which as a mom, gives me peace of mind.” – Donna

  •  “We are fortunate to have people like Open Arms Care staff. Thank you for caring for my son.” – Mary

To read more comments from the Knoxville 2014 Family Satisfaction Survey click here.


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  •  “Was visiting from New York and I am honored to own a piece of Herbie’s artwork which everyone is raving about! Thank you for all you do!” – Linda Cutone