It is OAC’s responsibility to provide the support and services needed by each client to meet his or her highest potential in all aspects of life. This involves the building of skills and behaviors that enable the client to be less dependent upon others. Training programs for skills and behaviors must take into account the strengths and needs of the individual person and should begin at the level in which the person can gain success. While everyone is capable of personal growth, we recognize that many will continue to need a great deal of support. Services must also assist the client to be an active part of his or her community, to exercise his or her rights as is possible, and to maximize the potential for meaningful relationships.

Service Day Program  Knoxville photoIn order to provide services, there must be caring staff. Our staff must be certified professionals with the educational and experiential background to manage and document services for their assigned clients. Finally, our direct support professionals  make up the largest portion of our staff team. They are prepared with weeks of thorough and rigorous training before they are ever permitted to work with clients without the supervision of proven leaders.


Services provided at OAC include, but are not limited to the following:

  • A Medical Director who is available at all times
  • Nursing services
  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies
  • Vocational training and job coaching
  • Recreational and social opportunities
  • Dietary services
  • Psychological and/or psychiatric services (if needed)
  • Senior Programs
  • Flying Brushes Art Programs

KNX Day program snowmanOAC offers an umbrella of services to the individuals served. All services are geared toward the specific needs of each individual client. Services include a safe home that promotes individual growth and development as well as a Day Program that includes work and volunteer opportunities in a learning and therapeutic environment. Consultant assessments in the support planning for each individual both yearly at their Individual Support Plan meeting and ongoing throughout the year as needed, such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and swallowing therapy, and Nutritional guidance from professionals in each field, as well as comprehensive medical oversight from a local physician serving as the Medical Director for that location, a Registered Nurse, and several skilled Licensed Practicing Nurses.

Day Program Services

NAS arts and crafts IMG_6605With a full range of habilitative training to achieve the highest practicable degree of community integration and independence in their lives, the Open Arms Care Day Program Services offer a variety of teaching opportunities for clients. The staff members at Open Arms Care offer coaching, mentoring, and teaching through varied curriculum designed to assist clients in reaching their maximum potential and enabling them to lead dignified and meaningful lives. Chattanooga’s Day Program’s curriculum ranges from teaching basic life skills to more advanced skills that are need for employment. OAC Chattanooga Day Service’s mission is to ensure that Day Services activities are meaningful to each client, addressing individual goals, while increasing community involvement and awareness. The entire staff at the Day Program work diligently to provide creative and fresh opportunities for those attending each day.

Operating for eight hours each day, five days a week, the Day Program offers a variety of services. Within the day services building there are a number of classrooms designated to education and client development. We also provide vocational/job coaching, academics, art therapy, and retirement programs.
Clients participate in community activities such as shopping, church, sports, picnics and trips. A normal day for a client would involve a morning routine including breakfast, spending typical “work hours” at the Day Program participating in an individualized program of supports, returning home to enjoy a relaxing evening increasing independence in ADLs, participating in cooking or cleaning up after dinner, enjoying a favorite book or television show, going out into the community for activities of choice, or visiting with house mates and family members in the comfort of their living room. The supports in place are designed to empower each individual resident to reach their maximum potential independence in their lives.




NAS living room P1050673Whether its the Health Care Services provided 27/7, Residential and Day Program Services, or Business Services, our clients come first. Quality, person centered support is the foundation to our individualized approach.

Teaching in a comfortable residential setting, our staff members strive to engage clients in day program activities, community involvement, and life skills development. In addition to medical and nursing services, occupational, physical and speech therapies are provided. Retirement programs are available for those who choose to take advantage of a slower pace. Clients may choose to participate in vocational training or job coaching, or enjoy the numerous recreational and social opportunities offered.

Clients in each home are assisted by a Program Manager, Assistant Program Manager and Direct Care Professionals who focus on client development and community integration. Some clients also participate in community activities such as shopping, church, sports, picnics and trips. A normal day for a client would include personal hygiene time, breakfast, depart for work or Day Program Services then back home for dinner and down time, maybe video games or a good book.

For additional information regarding services, contact the OAC office in your city. Click here to visit Our Communities.