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Creativity abounds. Color, texture, brush strokes, and medium are all considerations the Open Arms Care artists use to create beautiful, original works of art.

Open Arms Care artists experience the freedom to express themselves. The results are charming, one of a kind compositions.



Creative Commons “Color Palette” by
Nani Puspasari is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Over a decade ago, artist Tim Lefens questioned, “How could a person who was unable to walk, talk, or use their hands, gain full control of the creative process? How could they gain a pathway to uncompromised self-expression?” The response was A.R.T.; Art Realization Technologies. Open Arms Care was the first to bring this ground breaking opportunity to Tennessee. Through the OAC Flying Brushes Program, our clients utilize these techniques, and numerous other innovative options, to create the artwork you see today.

[]-12781729295_4[]-4022340617_6The result has been the emergence of self-expression previously unseen. Persons who were previously not afforded the ability to truly express themselves artistically, because of their developmental disabilities or physical limitations, are now given the tools to create something completely theirs; without the influence of another person’s opinion or perspective.

Creative Commons “Brushes” by
Helene & Kev is licensed under CC BY 3.0




 Creative Commons “palette of a painter in prag” by
Wolfgangfoto is licensed under CC BY 3.0


Persons who had spent years with little control over what occurred around them are suddenly directing to toss, fling, pour, and brush paint onto canvas. Reserved personalities are exploding onto large works of art. The finished work is entirely the product of the artist and is stunningly beautiful. Each piece takes on a personality of its own, and over time a true artistic styles emerge.


Flying Brushes new logoFlying Brushes art exhibitions are held frequently. Join us to learn more about the programs, the artists and of course, to view the fantastic pieces on display. Whether you are looking for an original piece of art work for your home or office, you’ll be delighted with the collections. <Click here> to view our upcoming events.


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Can’t make it to an exhibition?  <Click here> to visit our on-line gallery. You have the opportunity to purchase that perfect piece before it gets away. All proceeds go directly to the artists.


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Creative Commons “Art Room” by
Ross Crawford is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Open Arms Care art programs are based on the A.R.T. (Art Realization Technologies), created by Tim Lefens. The program utilizes specially trained “trackers” who assist artists in creating the unique masterpieces. Developed for those artists who are physically incapable of executing a painting with a high degree of control, trackers simply execute the wishes and desires of the artist. This innovative method allows each artist’s distinctive style to shine through as they see their vision come to life in the form of these incredible representations. Learn more about Tim’s devotion to art at

Open Arms Care has been providing services to persons with developmental disabilities across the state of Tennessee since 1990. OAC serves those with the most profound levels of disability within a community setting. Great strides have been made in helping clients become an integral part of their community and in turn, helping the community to recognize clients as neighbors, customers, and friends. The mission of OAC is to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in reaching their maximum potential and enabling them to lead dignified and meaningful lives.

Share the joyful expressions of art and love for life; all of which are used in creating wondrous works of art!

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