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Persons who were previously not afforded the ability to truly express themselves artistically, because of their developmental disabilities or physical limitations, are now given the tools to create something completely theirs; without the influence of another person’s opinion or perspective. Meet these talented artists.

Chattanooga Artists

Rebecca Bacon

Rebecca began painting in 2008. This confident artist is a self starter and very crafty with her hands. Rebecca takes inspiration from her music and like most women, loves chocolate!

Antoine Brewster

This artist enjoys time with friends and particularly the outdoors. He began his painting career in 2010 and takes pleasure in making artistic choices. Antoine also is fond of puzzles and particularly loves the local lawn mower races in the summer.

Carla Burke

Carla is a fun loving prankster who has been painting since 2010. She loves a practical joke and is known for her fun loving personality and wonderful laugh. Carla is also a baseball fan, and loves a game of catch at the park. It is also rare to find Carla without a book, as she relishes her time spent reading.

John “Chris” Burns

Chris is an outgoing and social artist. He exhibits a great deal of energy and enjoys making people laugh. Since 2006, Chris has been part of the Flying Brushes art program. He also has a love of dancing and movies.
Sonya Butler

This artist has been participating in the Flying Brushes program since 2011. She is very creative artist who loves to mix it up in the art room. Sonya’s work is a rainbow of colors, and a particular favorite of hers is purple. Sonya also holds a job at the Day Program, and enjoys the opportunity to have fun and joke with her peers.

William “Scotty” Cross

Scotty began painting in 2006. He is a very energetic and enthusiastic artist. He is described a lively and one who loves life. One of Scotty’s pleasures is watching American Idol. He also enjoys attending concerts and the humor of slap stick comedy.

Margaret Daniel

In 2010 Margaret began painting. A very positive, happy and energetic personality, this artist also has a love for music. Meeting new people is a joy for Margaret, who loves to nickname everyone Helen. She’ll enjoy a good laugh when someone reciprocates and calls her Helen in return.

Gloria Davis

On the go! This artist would definitely be described as on the go. Gloria truly enjoys her shopping trips; being out and about in the community for any reason. Gloria has been a participant in Flying Brushes since 2009.

Randy Dilbeck

Randy takes great pride in his job at the Day Program, with particular attention to being a first rate example to others. His creative nature inspired him to start painting in 2008. Randy’s inspiration comes from his love of bluegrass music.

Paul Dunn

This artist has another interest in addition to his creativity in the Flying Brushes Program. He has an enormous admiration for Firefighters, EMT’s, Police Officers, and Military personnel. You can find him sporting hats and apparel with their logos, and loves nothing more than visiting at the local fire hall. Paul began painting in 2009 and uses his outgoing personality to fuel his creative success.

Dennis “Denny” Gardner

David William Gray

This hard working artist has a love for the spontaneous. Always up for the next outing, ready to be on the go. This artisan has a keen sense of humor with a prank ready at every moment. David began his artistic work with Flying Brushes in 2006.

Steven “Stevie” Gregory

Steven is a quiet man. It’s most likely you would find him enjoying a restful afternoon swaying on a swing outside. Stevie is also part of the Retirement Program at Open Arms Care. His creativity includes a love of music and painting. His first piece of artwork in the Flying Brushes Program was done in 2010.

Miranda “Moe” Alyse Hester

Antonio “Tony” Higgins

Tony is a self motivated, hard working artist. He began painting in 2008 in the Flying Brushes program. Tony gleans inspiration from his music and his large DVD collection. He also is a social man, enjoying his community outings.

James Hood, Artist

James Hood, Artist

James Calvin Hood began painting in 2009. He is an outgoing and very caring man. With many friends, you’ll most likely find him talking on the phone, staying in touch. James also loves his football, especially the Tennessee Volunteers, and tries to make it to at least one game every year. James is also a big fan of movies.

CHA Artist Tim Kerr photo

Tilmer “Tim” Kerr, Artist

Tim Kerr began painting in 2006. He takes pleasure in listening to country music and watching sports. His favorite team is the Vanderbilt Commodores. Tim enjoys a variety of sports, as a wrestling fan and watching the Pittsburgh Pirates or the Philadelphia Eagles. You can find Tim reading sports magazines or watching ESPN, keeping up with the latest sports news. Tim loves to gloat over a team win but enjoys joking around; win-or-lose. He has a true passion for supporting his teams.

William “Will” Patrick McCarthy

Michael “Mike” Miller

Sharon Moore

Edward “Truman/Pap-paw” Puckett

Heather Roberts, Artist

Heather Roberts, Artist

Heather is a joyful, inquisitive and motivated artist who has been painting since 2010. She has a strong appreciation for horticulture, which is confirmed by her work at the greenhouse. Heather also does clerical work at the Support Office and assists with training workshops. Heather also enjoys cooking.

Maxwell “Kyker” Roddy

Cherri Sample

Dennis Shaw

Dennis is an independent artist. He is known to spend his time reading, enjoying comic books and watching movies. Dennis also enjoys writing to his family members. This artist began his painting career in 2010.

Matthew Silvey

Matt draws upon his love of Halloween to fuel his creativity. He particularly enjoys spookiness or sounds peculiar in nature. Being a bit of a prankster, Matt’s personality meshes with Halloween perfectly. He is considered by all to be a happy man who is always having fun.

Amanda “Mandy” Smith

Mandy is all about the fun. Fellow artisans regard her as an outgoing woman who enjoys laughing and making others laugh. She began painting in 2009 and can take inspiration from her many varied interests, which include horseback riding, shopping, attending concerts, and dancing.

James Stafford

This craftsman is also involved in working at the Open Arms Care greenhouse. He began painting in 2009 and draws upon his love of nature and the outdoors. You would consider James shy when you first meet him, but his trusted friends enjoy plenty of conversation complete with jokes to entertain them. James is a most considerate and sensitive man, frequently acting as an advocate for others.

Stephen Wimberly

Lincoln Woods

CHA Artist Connie Wyatt photo

Connie Wyatt, Artist

Connie Wyatt began painting in 2006. A self-motivated woman with a witty sense of humor, Connie never misses the chance to have fun; her happiness and laughter are contagious! Connie enjoys her work at the Support Office as an Administrative Assistant. She is a huge fan of Elvis and listening to the radio, as well as swimming.