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Knoxville Artists

Katie Abel KNX artist

Katie Abel, Artist

Austin Capley KNX artist

Austin Capley, Artist

Austin is an artist who brings joy to everyone he meets. A young and energetic artist, he is always ready for an adventure. Austin began painting during the summer of 2013. He continues to enjoy his craft, and is proud to present each new creation.

Sarah Crumley KNX artist

Sarah Crumley, Artist

Mary Jane Davis KNX artist

Mary Jane Davis, Artist

Mary Jane enjoys talking about her art. She loves to share with those who admire her creations. You’ll find Mary Jane continually on the go. She also draws inspiration for her works from her love of the outdoors.

Lloyd Finch KNX artist

Lloyd Finch, Artist

Lisa Harris KNX artist

Lisa Harris, Artist

Lisa – This long time artist has been painting since 2008. A prolific artist, she is proud to have sold many pieces to admirers across the state of Tennessee. Lisa is known for her use of circles throughout her creations, and her love of color. Coupled with her interest in art, Lisa also enjoys fashion.

Joan Hickman KNX artist

Joan Hickman, Artist

Joan is very much a people-person. Her friendly and talkative personality drive her ability to never meet a stranger. She loves to socialize and interact with those admiring her art. Joan enjoys painting florals and abstracts.

Larry Hubbs KNX artist

Larry Hubbs, Artist

Jason Jenkins KNX artist

Jason Jenkins, Artist

Jenny Jenkins KNX artist

Jenny Jenkins, Artist

Steven Kirby

Steven Kirby, Artist

Steven – Using his art to reflect his personality, Steven’s style is varied. His creations can be bold and vibrant or muted and earthy. His love for painting is evident in each piece he creates. Steven may be viewed as an avid artist, but he is also considered a warm-hearted friend. He demonstrates his concern for others freely and is generous with compassion.

Read more about Steven and his commissioned work for Claris Networks by <clicking here.>

Katelyn Kleiber KNX artist

Katelyn Kleiber, Artist

Lois Lester KNX artist

Lois Lester, Artist

Larry Liles KNX artist

Larry Liles, Artist

Wesley Lindsey KNX artist

Wesley Lindsey, Artist

Brian McCoig KNX artist

Brian McCoig, Artist

Jacob Phillips KNX artist

Jacob Phillips, Artist

Junior Phillips KNX artist

Junior Phillips, Artist

Junior – As an artist, Junior enjoys using unconventional tools in creating his works of art. He particularly enjoys the use of marbles. Junior has been experimenting with various tools since he began painting in 2013. An interesting bit of background on Junior is that he has an uncanny ability to remove knots, large or small, from anything and everything!

Robert Pickett KNX artist

Robert Pickett, Artist

Robert thoroughly enjoys his time creating unique artwork. His artistry is fueled by his love of people; enjoying a good time with friends or meeting new people. Robert also enjoys football, spiders and chocolate!

Dennis Raby KNX artist

Dennis Raby, Artist

Dennis has been painting in the Flying Brushes program since 2013. He particularly enjoys experimenting with different color schemes. Dennis is an eager artist, who is always ready for anything. Fun fact, Dennis is an all-American burger and diet coke artist!

Ricki Sharp KNX artist

Ricki Sharp, Artist

Justin Troutt KNX artist

Justin Troutt, Artist

Justin enjoys creating different styles of paintings. He likes using unconventional tools to apply paint to canvas, and loves a challenge. As a fun loving artist, he displays an exuberant pride in presenting each new creation.

Bobby Ward

Bobby Ward, Artist

Bobby is an artist in many ways. His love for life, his infectious laugh, his energy and enthusiasm for life, all comprise his exuberance for self expression; and delight in others. His painting is just one of many ways to bring happiness to those around him. Watch out Las Vegas, ready the stage; Elvis is entering the building, as Bobby Ward, Elvis impersonator.

Kim Weaver KNX artist

Kim Weaver, Artist

Pat Webb KNX artist

Pat Webb, Artist

Tina Yearout

Tina Yearout, Artist

Tina began painting with OAC in 2012. Her style has become synonymous with the use of vibrant colors. As an outdoors enthusiast, Tina is inspired by nature’s beauty, as well as the symphonic sounds of wildlife in their habitat. Heather is also fond of music and can be found enjoying a good beat!

Chris – After his introduction to A.R.T., Chris opened himself up to possibilities unimagined. Chris is legally blind. Yet, his expression on canvas couldn’t be more vibrant. This artist is a calm and unassuming personality, but has found painting as an outlet for his creativity.

Billie – This artist charms with an illuminating personality complete with a twinkle in his eye and broad smile across his face. Painting brings him a sense of pride and joy that exudes through his creations. The sense of accomplishment and achievement are not lost on Billie, as he proudly shares a completed piece with friends.

Jackie is an artist who loves to look at a variety of artwork to spark his own inspiration. Creatively, he loves the freedom of expressing himself through his paintings. Sharing a completed piece brings this artist an abundance of joy. His love for life and everything that comes with it is truly communicated through his work.

Retha – The A.R.T. program for this artist has provided an entirely new outlet for communication. Her enjoyment in painting is apparent and she relishes the attention that comes with her notoriety as an artist. With her heartfelt laugh, it’s easy to recognize her delight. Reatha’s sense of style also plays a role in her artistic expression, as she adores getting dressed up for a special occasion, complete with hair and makeup.

Herbie was introduced to A.R.T. in 2008. His creative expression takes shape as he carefully selects the size, colors, and technique in applying paint to the canvas. Herbie usually prefers smaller sized creations and takes great pride in a completed piece. With a strong sense of heritage, Herbie draws inspiration from his heart and spirituality. He is regarded as an artist with a wonderful sense of humor and love for music.

Jimmy usually maintains a quiet, reserved personality. As an artist, he begins to open up as he explores his creativity. He enjoys the quiet time in working on his paintings, and can reflect on his love of the outdoors. Outside of his art, Jimmy enjoys his music, listening to Kenny Rogers.

Darlene – As an artist Darlene was first very hesitant. Once she began she discovered she had a passion for creating beautiful flowers. She loves to hear a good joke, has an infectious smile, and has a wonderful laugh that is truly contagious. This artist is a helpful and caring woman with a joyful spirit.

Karlean – Karlean is a very social minded artist. She enjoys taking part in community events, shopping, or attending concerts. Her love for meeting new people is enabled further as she uses her art to network with other artists and art enthusiasts. Karlean’s style is ever changing as she incorporates new ways to express herself and create each unique piece.