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MEM Sandra Boyd photo

Sandra Boyd, Artist

Sandra is a reflective painter; her style changes with her mood. She is very deliberate, taking care in color selection and texture. Her meticulous methods give way to an abundance of inspiration and freedom for creativity.

MEM Sharon Lee photo

Sharon Lee, Artist

This artist has developed a style that is uniquely her own. The size of her paintings are rivaled only by her smile, which is a constant while she paints. Sharon knows exactly what she wants on the canvas when she begins working. Trackers who work with Sharon get a workout! From the sizing of the canvas to the finished product; approximately 40 minutes.

MEM Henry Moore photo

Henry Moore, Artist

Henry has an easy going personality with a positive attitude. His style comprises a leisurely pace with a fearless imagination. His color selections and patterns are bright and bold. He uses a laser light without hesitation to guide the application of paint to his canvas. His finished works truly are reflective of his bright outlook on the world.

MEM Antonio Sanders photo

Antonio Sanders, Artist

This artist loves both music and painting. You’ll find Antonio listening to music while he paints, letting his creativity abound. The laser glides across the canvas with the flow of the music; creating bold abstractions. If the strokes don’t meet his expectations, he paints over them without hesitation. Antonio will continue to paint until his high standard is satisfied. He particularly loves to experiment with color combinations.

MEM Natalie Savage photo

Natalie Savage, Artist

This new artist possesses a multitude of talent. Natalie displays excitement with every stroke, with every painting. Colorful, vibrant, lively, and intriguing; all describe Natalie’s beautiful, original works.

MEM Mercedes Siler photo

Mercedes Siler, Artist

Mercedes is new to the Flying Brushes art program. Her work is dynamic both in design and color. Mercedes carefully defines a style and affect to create a finished product of beauty.