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Nashville Artists

Brenda Barker photo

Brenda Barker, Artist

Brenda was one of the very first participants in the Nashville Flying Brushes art program. As her craft continues to develop, she enjoys selecting colors and tools for her creations. Her “life of the party” personality is as big as her love for her art. Brenda also enjoys listening to music and shopping.

NAS Jerry Becary

Jerry Becary, Artist

This artist is a very friendly man, with a loving heart. He particularly enjoys learning new tasks. Jerry is a very neat person and enjoys cleaning. This artist particularly likes a joking manner and takes pleasure in movies and outings at the mall.

Tommy Burke photo

Tommy Burke, Artist

Tommy’s art is an extension of his bright and cheerful personality. His palette leans heavily toward warm colors. His techniques vary and he is never afraid to try something new. Watching his communication signals is like observing an orchestra conductor or sign language interpreter. He not only communicates where he wants paint applied, but with what instrument, the amount of force and the care of the application.

NAS Patrick Burnhart

Patrick Burnhart, Artist

Patrick is a loving and warm-hearted artist. He loves the outdoors and enjoys long walks enjoying nature.

Deanna Coleman

This artist is extremely energetic when she paints. She also enjoys spending time looking at pieces of art. Very attentive, Deanna takes pleasure in listening to conversations and music. Her personality is summed by her infectious laugh!

Darren Danforth

This smiling artist exudes joy. His personality shines through his original pieces like a ray of sunshine. Although he is non-verbal, his hopeful and happy spirit beam. Darren enjoys music, movies and family time.

NAS Leslie Eleazer

Leslie Eleazer, Artist

Leslie enjoys being a trend setter and fashionista. Her style is very direct and she doesn’t hesitate to express herself and her choices. Leslie uses a communication board along with verbal and gestural prompts. Painting has opened an outlet for Leslie where she can excel using her talent for self expression.

Brad Evans photo

Brad Evans, Artist

Brad has been painting since the inception of Flying Brushes. He is able to verbalize his choices at each juncture while creating his artwork. He makes painting a great deal of fun with his tremendous sense of humor. Brad creates only when he is inspired, and loves to keep the tracker guessing as to how his creation will materialize.

Patrick Gregson

Patrick has a passion for painting. His love for his craft is remarkable. Once Patrick begins to paint, there is no stopping him. His soothing technique is a joy to watch. He hums and pats his feet as if he’s listening to music. Patrick’s finished works of art are just as soft as his heart.

Joey Harris

This artist is also very interested in music. His ability to recall artists, song titles and lyrics is most impressive. He also enjoys reminiscing about the good old days growing up on his father’s farm.

Raymond Holt

Raymond “Scott” is a very outgoing artist. He has a love of sports, (horseback riding, baseball, and basketball) and also just being outdoors. And, he has a goal beyond his artistic creativity, he would like to be a Police Officer.

Kenny Jones

This artist drifts into his own world when he is creating one of his original pieces. He starts by sitting down at his canvas. For a few minutes he contemplates; canvas and paint color. When he does begin, he quickly creates his vision, completing his expression with swift and rapid precision. Finally, Kenny signs his work by placing his hands on the wet finish of the painting.

NAS Alicia Lynch

Alicia Lynch, Artist

Alicia began her career as an artist in 2012. She spent six months on her very first creation. Since then she has become more confident in her choices and creativity and now completes an original piece in two to four weeks. Her radiant smile is always welcoming and she is described as a very loveable artisan.

Alison Marlow NAS artist

Alison Marlow, Artist

Alison is a very intelligent, friendly and outgoing artist. She loves greeting others with a warm smile and welcoming hand shake. This artist enjoys self expression through singing and dancing. And, like many women today, Alison loves getting her hair and nails done!

NAS Gena Montoya

Gena Montoya, Artist

Gena has been painting for several years. As a very independent woman, Gena can easily distinguish and express her artistic creativity. Her work driven by the inspirations she derives from her independent nature and outgoing personality.

Katherine Phillips

Katie is a determined artisan. What ever she sets her mind to, she accomplishes. She developed her style and learned about her craft quickly. Katie also enjoys music and movies, and most of all, Christmas.

Jason Price

Jason is a very social artist and is described as having a “huge personality.” He was hesitant to try his hand at painting, just visiting the art classroom occasionally. Once he made up his mind to paint, he began creating only masterpieces.

Billy Pyburn Nashville

Billy Pyburn, Artist

Billy has taken an immense amount of pride in his artistic craft and truly enjoys showing his creations. He takes inspiration from his love of race cars and trains. And, Billy uses his craft to express his loving and fun-loving personality.

Jeff Reavis

This artist appreciates the social activities in life. Jeff is non-verbal, but quite capable of using gestures and sounds to communicate. His loving heart is evident, conveyed through his creations.

Brian Scott

As a new artist, Brian has taken an interest in bold colors. He is quiet by nature, but has a fantastic sense of humor. He is very curious and carefully monitors activities going on in his presence. Brian enjoys watching CNN.

Christie Shutter Nashville

Christy Shutter, Artist

Christy has shown much enthusiasm for her artist expression. She enjoys creating bold and colorful works. Christy also enjoys managing a doll collection, and sporting a variety of stylish, colorful sunglasses!

Katherine Sparks

“Katie” loves the beauty found in nature. Her love of the outdoors includes walking, bird watching, and swimming, and also provides wonderful inspiration for her works. When Katie expresses herself on canvas she concentrates carefully and watches each and every detail.

Billy Stephens

This craftsman enjoys making new friends, and does so easily with a welcoming handshake. In addition to his creativity in painting, Billy holds a job at the Day Program. During his leisure time, Billy enjoys taking long rides.


Brandon Stoever photo

Brandon Stoever, Artist

Brandon is known as the most adventurous artist in the art program. He loves to push his creative limits by using a variety of styles, techniques, paint textures, and color palettes in his work. He has not settled into one style or motif that would make his work easily identifiable.  He is however, the only Nashville artist to indicated having visual items that serve as his initial inspiration. In most cases, the viewer would never guess what those items were, though it is apparent once the item is revealed. Only in one case did Brandon wish a closer representation than he felt he could execute using a series of straight or curved lines (or the laser.) In that instance, he worked with the tracker to put together a set of stencils, which he had placed and colored according to his own specifications.

Davina Suggs

Davina has always been active in artistic pursuits, but the ability to use a tracker has broadened her spectrum of expression. She paints with great enthusiasm. When Davina arrives to paint, the tracker can expect to wear her color selections home on that day! In her first showing, she won “Best in Show”, competing against 80 other artists with disabilities.

Teresa Taylor

This artist creates with colors that appear to leap off the canvas. Her unique ability shows both creativity and warmth. Teresa’s friendliness is contagious and her varied interests keep her very busy and inspired.

Bakari Terry

Organization comprises part of this talented artist’s skill sets. He loves to focus on his craft in a structured and well-thought out manner. Barkari also has a job at the Day Program, and keeps busy going to the park and dining out.

Stacey Tomlin

Stacy is an artist who truly loves working with a laser. She has a unique way of painting; making a game with the tracker to see if they are able to keep up with her laser beam. Her bubbly personality is a joy.

NAS David Weed

David Weed, Artist

David is a non-verbal artist, but uses gestures and American Sign Language mixed with his own unique signs. He is a social person who loves community outings, sitting down for a cup of coffee with a good magazine.

Troy Wilson

Troy is an artist who enjoys his time alone. He has a love for the outdoors, and particularly the hunt for specimens to add to his wonderful rock collection. They must have just the right texture to be worthy of inclusion. As a craftsman, Troy works with pencils, markers and paint.

Heather Ziegler

Heather is a most remarkable artist. She has had difficulty in finding a comfort level in her choices in the past, but has moved to a place in her artistry where she can make those choices in the creation of her artwork.

Tim Zirker Jr

Tim Zirker, Jr., Artist

Tim is an artist with a captivating personality. He expresses himself with huge smiles and eyes which seem to sparkle. This proves extremely helpful during his painting sessions because there is no question where his eyes are focused.  He is a mild mannered artist, but has no trouble keeping his tracker’s fingers moving busily, placing his thoughts on canvas.