IMG_0463Open Arms Care has an ongoing commitment to organizational excellence. With continual assessment of our resources, communication, productivity, and effectiveness, we evaluate our success in achieving strategic goals. We have key employees trained in the Commitment to Performance Excellence criteria. Open Arms Care is proud of the numerous employees that have been selected to participate as Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence Examiners.

The Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence believes education, recognition of significant achievement and the sharing of winning strategies will help Tennessee corporations and organizations become more competitive on a national and international level. Their mission is to drive organizational excellence in Tennessee.

TNCPE fulfills its mission by providing in-depth, low-cost assessments of regional organizations using the Criteria for Performance Excellence. Through a methodology based on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, organizations receive detailed feedback that they use to improve their processes and results. As organizations grow and improve, their communities benefit from increased revenue and job opportunities, as well as better education, government and health care services.

Interrelated core values and concepts, management by fact with visionary leadership, client-driven/person-centered excellence and management for innovation are drivers of our success.